Choosing a wedding dress for your wedding in Nicaragua
Choosing Dress

One of the oldest customs in a wedding is the dress of the bride. It is very common to see white gowns made of silk or lace adorned with exquisite embroidery flowing along with the bride. A lot of thought should go into choosing the right wedding dress for yourself, especially if you are having an unconventional wedding. Wedding customs vary from country to country and your wedding dress should suit the country and the type of wedding that you are having. In Nicaragua, most people have a beach wedding. It is much more casual than one that is held indoors; in a church or a wedding hall. However, most of the steps to follow while choosing your dress remain the same.

The wedding dress you choose should suit your body type. Look for photos that match the type of body that you have and the most common type of wedding gowns that are worn by the women in them. Moreover, you need to look for less complicated attire given your wedding in Nicaragua is not going to be very formal. While strapless dresses are considered inappropriate for formal weddings, you are welcome to wear one on any Nicaraguan beach. For your wedding in Nicaragua, we suggest you avoid the ball gowns. They are complex and usually need support to hold the shape of the gown. You also have a chance of ruining it because of the weather or the Nicaraguan beaches. Any other type of wedding dress will do for a beach wedding. For a wedding out in the scenery or inside a forest, wear dresses with minimal skin cover but do remember that itís still a wedding. The forests of Nicaragua are known to be humid and an all covering dress will be damaged by the sweat you produce.

A veil is a common accessory that goes with any wedding dress. It is worn as a symbol of the sanctity of the bride but is limited to formal weddings. A veil should be a definite pass for either a beach wedding or a tropical wedding. However if you are particular about a veil, go for one that doesnít extend beyond your neck. It should be an informal accessory. Other accessories to avoid would be shoes. Beach weddings are known to be held barefoot and some brides choose to wear elegant flip-flops. Sand inside your very expensive white satin pumps would damage them permanently. Add a simple flower bouquet as a reminiscent of a formal wedding. It is natural to think that flowers do not work with casual weddings but they do. Just pick tropical flowers, not elegant ones.

Your wedding in Nicaragua would be casual, no denying that. Being outdoors you have a lot more factors to consider when buying a dress, and since beach wedding attire do not take as long as regular wedding dresses to put together, you will have more time to decide. However, donít go overboard with your choices. Decide the type you want beforehand and stick to it. The right wedding dress does wonders to your wedding and needs considerable thought to work.