Choosing your wedding location in Nicaragua
Wedding Location

With its mountain ranges, beautiful and colorful valleys, white and sandy beaches and green tropical rainforests; Nicaragua has several wonderful locations for a dream wedding which is perfect, romantic and unforgettable. The color, vibrancy and the air of celebration of the place where you have your wedding must reflect your emotions on your D day. Finding the perfect place for your wedding in Nicaragua might be tricky if you donít do your research properly. You must find a place where you can organize a satisfactory and hassle free ceremony which you, your spouse and your guests can thoroughly enjoy.

Check out the various facilities provided by the popular resorts and hotels in the cities most visited by tourists. Depending on whether you want a beachside wedding in the sunset or a wedding on the hill top or simply in the church, shortlist those hotels which offer such packages or where it is convenient to plan such a wedding. It would also be helpful to hire a travel agent with reliable information and the right connections in Nicaragua. Some of the resorts take up the organization of the entire ceremony, if you feel that the package covers everything and fits in your budget then opt for such a resort. They also take care of the legal procedures and arrange for the wedding certificate to be sent to you once you get home.

Also check out the accessibility, the standards of accommodation and cuisine in the resort/ hotel. You can read the reviews on the websites and see some pictures of the place to get a better idea of the general landscaping, the architecture and aesthetic appeal of the place. You must also see to it that your guests can be entertained and kept engaged in activities like surfing, snorkeling, hiking or sightseeing in and around the hotel, so that your wedding becomes a joyous occasion and at the same time a fun one. Depending on the number of guests you are expecting, the amount of money you are willing to spend and the kind of ambience and services you want, choose the right place.

If you donít want a stereotypical package wedding in a luxury resort and if you and your partner have an adventurous streak and the urge to try something different; then Nicaragua offers many options. You can have your wedding ceremony at the base of thundering waterfalls or in a jungle lodge, near an active volcano, or hundreds of feet above the treetops. Itís not easy to arrange such weddings and they are not all that common too, but your wedding day is special and you must do whatever it is to make it extra special and extra memorable.

Keep in mind whether the place you have chosen is suitable for having a wedding at that particular time of year. Like beach side weddings are fun only during the early summer and spring time. Also make sure that the place is licensed to have a wedding ceremony and it will be easy to find a wedding planner, florists, photographers and other such people whose assistance you will need.