Get the help of a wedding planner in Nicaragua

When you are having a destination wedding in a foreign country, you would surely need the help of a wedding planner. With all their experience they would know which places are the best to get the cake, flowers, food, music band etc from and they would also help get things done better and faster. Itís better if you could hire the wedding planner from home itself with the help of the information or advertisements available online. This is because you may not have enough time to hire a wedding planner and start the preparations from scratch after coming to Nicaragua. Hiring your wedding planner say a few months in advance and getting some of the preparations done in advance will give a head start.

Do some thorough research online before choosing your wedding planner. Shortlist your potential candidates based on what type of weddings he/she has handled before, the kind of venues they have decorated before and whether they have done any weddings for foreign couples. Make sure that she is available throughout the entire duration that you need her. She should be comfortable in English so that you donít have any miscommunication and she should be experienced and efficient. See to it that she is not overpricing her services; spending anything more than 10% of the total wedding budget on the wedding planner is unnecessary.

Itís important that you both have an open and healthy relationship so that you can make your ideas and needs known to your wedding planner. Once you have found the right person for the job, you should concentrate on which part of the preparations you want her to take up even before you get there. After looking up venues on the net, you need to consult your planner before booking the place. As a local person she would have a better idea as to which place is more suitable to your needs and your budget. Also, some wedding planners can get special discounts for their clients from vendors as they are usually regular customers there. So, ask your planner if she could get you any such offers or discounts.

You can either choose the cake, flowers, decorations, food and other such stuff from home (in which case your wedding planner must place the orders for you) or after arriving at Nicaragua , you could personally check out everything from your wedding planners list of suggested bakeries, florists and other such vendors before doing the choosing. Either way you must consider your wedding planners opinion and ideas. Donít let her sway you too much but since you are in a new place, itís essential that you trust her judgment. While getting your preparations done from home, be in constant touch with your wedding planner.

Your wedding planner must take care of other things like booking accommodation for your guests, booking the church and the minister, rental cars for you and your family to use and finding the best caterers for your wedding reception. Movies often portray wedding planners as bossy or compulsive people but to pull off an organized and perfect wedding ceremony what you need is a smart and understanding wedding planner. So before anything else, find yourself just that to ensure a memorable wedding in Nicaragua.