Hiring a wedding car for your wedding in Nicaragua
Wedding Car

Wedding cars are what the bride and the groom use to leave the reception venue once they are officially married. These are usually elegantly decorated and more often than not are limousines or expensive cars. While it may sound simple enough to choose a car, you need to pick the right car to have a perfect end to your memorable day. It is common practice for couples to pick a car that they’ve admired or a car which they think they may never own. Either way, when you are hiring you car, sit in it and make sure it feels right. Wedding cars range from the Volkswagen Beetle to the Rolls Royce Phantom to the Hummer and the ubiquitous Lincoln Stretch limousine. Before you jump in and hire a car, be sure to check out a few things and do follow our tips to ensure that you are all set to end your day perfectly.

Companies that rent out wedding cars do have a lot of photographs on their site. Do some research yourself; on the car and the decorations. We advise against the decorations while arriving for the wedding but a bouquet on the hood of the car is a fun addition while driving away. We would also advise you to hire a car from a reputed rental company. Check the establishment date, the make and model of the cars and you will know which companies are worth the juice. When it comes to the car itself, have its condition checked out and other details like the insurance and performance. These are routine but a break in any of them can ruin your day.

Hiring a car for your wedding in Nicaragua need not be any different. If you are having a beach wedding, it is a good idea to choose a car with a roll-down roof. You can arrive with the roof up and while leaving, roll it down to take in the sea breeze. Select the decorations of your car to match the theme of the wedding. If on a beach, be minimal with the expensive flowers and stick to local ones. If your wedding is a tropical one, you can have a wide variety of flowers and ribbons adorn your car. An aqua colored car for a beach wedding and a green one for a tropical wedding would be interesting choices.

Most online portals rent cars all over the world. A UK based company, Wedding Car Hire, operates around the world and has services based on the location. They also provide competitive prices. Another company, Manchester Wedding Cars has worldwide services. The prices are dependent on the model of the car and the dates of your wedding. Since you are on holiday anyway, a weekday wedding would help save money as far as the wedding car is concerned. There are also several local companies in Nicaragua that do not have explicit advertising online. Your hotel or wedding venue should be able to provide more details. However, it is best you book well in advance to avoid any disappointment.