Preparing your wedding speech
Wedding Speeche

Wedding is a time of celebration, of sharing your loving and making your family and friends a part of your joyous occasion. Weddings are never complete without speeches and toasts, because thatís how the happy couple can thank those who have helped in the wedding and those who have attended it and most importantly declare their love for each other to the world. It is also through the speeches and the toasts that the people closest to the couple express their joy and excitement for the couple and share their anecdotes and happy memories of the bride and groom.

Preparing a wedding speech can be a little strenuous, especially for the bride and groom who have so many other things to take care of and are prone to be occupied and stressed. Itís therefore important to be start preparing a few days in advance, so that you are not overwhelmed at the last minute. Before writing out your whole speech, think what all you would like to cover broadly and how long you want it to be. Depending on your part in the wedding or your relation to the bride or groom, you must include everything that you are typically expected to say in a wedding speech. Itís always better to start with something amusing which can act as an ice breaker and end your speech with a toast to the newlyweds.

It is the bride and groom who have maximum things to cover in their speeches. Like the groom for example should thank the guests, family and friends, in laws, ushers, bridesmaids, minister etc. He should emphasize on how much he appreciates the in lawsí support and express his joy in joining the family. The groom should also talk about all the wonderful things about the bride and his love for her. Guests also love to her some personal stories and tidbits about the couple, so he could tell them things like how they met, how he proposed etc. He mustnít forget to thank his best man and groomsmen. Finally he should propose a toast to his new wife, his parents and in laws.

The bridesmaids and the best man can start by providing an insight into their friendship or relation with the bride and groom respectively. They can comment on their role as the bridesmaid or groomsmen and what it has means to them. They should express their delight and give their heartwarming tribute to the happy couple. The best man and the maid of honor can also include some good hearted humor at the coupleís expense or tell the guests some anecdotes about the couple and the things they have been through together.

The parents of the bride/groom in their speech must first thank all the guests in attendance. They can then express their open hearted acceptance of the new member to the family and then talk about their relation with their son/daughter and their affection and joy for the happy couple. They can also include some words of wisdom and some advice for the newlyweds.

While preparing the speech, if you feel totally lost as to where to start and what to say, you can get some help from the internet about checklist of things to cover and ideas for some funny one-liner or story that you could include. You could otherwise talk to some family members or friends and get their advice on what to include in the speech. While delivering the speech just be confident and cool, it is after all your own family and friends that you are addressing.