Saving money on your wedding in Nicaragua
Saving Money

A wedding is probably the most memorable occasion for a couple throughout their lives together. The memory of the wedding day will be cherished forever and it is worthwhile to make it even more special. A good option would be to get married in an exotic destination. The first thought that strikes many couples would be the extra money needed for travel but this is usually offset by cheaper wedding costs. There are several exotic tropical destinations to plan your wedding in. Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America boasts pristine scenery, beaches and tropical locations to host your wedding. The capital city of Managua is an excellent choice for a wedding. The cheaper prices for pretty much everything might lead you on but we have a few tips which you can follow to reduce the cost of your wedding.

Nothing is more important than foresight. Plan your wedding well in advance and look for cheap airline tickets. Not only will you pay less for the tickets, you will also have a choice of dates. Next, scout for venues. The best choice would be a hotel or a resort. If you are looking for a beach wedding, venues would not be a problem as most beach resorts allow wedding on their private beaches. Look for hotels that provide competitive prices for your stay and the wedding services. If the hotel doesnít provide a pastor, any nearby church will do and the service will probably be cheaper.

Photographs are essential to keep your wedding fresh in your mind. It is a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take pictures. However, have a friend record the entire ceremony. If you want to further cut costs, limit the number of pictures that you want the photographer to take. Also, have the photographer give you the pictures in soft media rather than printing them.

Save on your wedding decorations by keeping it simple, yet elegant. Choose the flowers you want before you fly and instead of spending on fresh flowers in Nicaragua, carry artificial (silk or plastic) flowers from home. There is much less effort on your part for the decoration and you save both time and money.

Your appearances are extremely important on your wedding day. Tropical weddings are usually informal and an elaborate tuxedo is not necessary for the groom. Wear one of your better suits and you will look perfect for the location. For brides, a wedding gown will complete the picture so we suggest you retain that. However, do your make-up yourself with the help of a friend. Select a hair style that is simple enough for you to handle.

Wedding customs in Nicaragua are fairly commonplace. You are usually expected to attend mass after the ceremony and before the reception. You will also need a wedding certificate with some documents beforehand. This is a routine procedure but be sure to check all your documents before you travel. Weddings in Nicaragua donít have to cost a bomb if you donít want them to. These simple tips are usually overlooked and couples spend a lot on their dream weddings in tropical paradises when they donít have to!