Tips for your wedding party in Nicaragua
Wedding Party

If you plan everything well, you can make your wedding day in Nicaragua the most memorable day of your life. First things first, find the perfect little place where you want to have your dream wedding; this is the part which needs some time and research. Once you have the place, you will be able to visualize the wedding day there, filled with all the sumptuous food, the decorations and lights, the flowers, the music and most importantly many happy faces. But for all this to materialize you will need to do quite a bit of planning. For this get yourself a good local wedding planner who knows the right people, preferably specializes in destination weddings and can provide you with good cost cutting solutions.

The best thing about having a destination wedding in South or Central America is that you try out something new, something exotic and exciting. It’s important not to go overboard though, borrow some ideas and customs from Nicaraguan wedding parties but maintain the essence of your family wedding traditions. Depending on the wedding location, you can choose themes or specific colors for the decorations. Use your creativity and go wild. You can use flowers, balloons, candles, drapes and wind chimes that bring out the theme. The crockery, table cloth and napkins can also say something. If you are having the ceremony on the beach, you opt for all white decorations and give color themes to your guests or if you want it to be casual and cool, you can simply have ‘shorts and flip flops’ as your theme.

For the reception, you must consider your guests’ musical preference before choosing a band or musicians. Getting a DJ would be a cheaper option and you can have wider variety of songs and you can also choose the songs which should be included in the list. Choose music which brings out the flavor of your wedding and the setting, you can add some local Nicaraguan music or hire some local dancers; your guests will love it! As for the food, too much experimentation should be avoided, if you are sticking to just typical wedding cuisine from back home, then you should have the chefs prepare the whole meal for you once, since the dishes might be foreign to them. But if you would like to include some Nicaraguan cuisine or drinks in the menu, then you should have some of your family and friends try it first and see how they like it.

Wedding favors are very important as you would surely want your guests to have something to remember your wedding reception by, depending on your budget you can give small Nicaraguan souvenirs with an added personal touch. To add some zing to the dance floor, you can have a traditional Nicaraguan dance instructor teach you and your guests some moves. As for other important things in the wedding party like the cake and the photography, take your planner’s advice to find the best in town. Allow your reception to take on its own identity and personality, don’t compare it to other wedding receptions that you have attended; just concentrate on having everything go on time or on schedule.